E. Kehinde Thurman writes to, and for, Black girls and women. Having served as a grant writer for a national women’s advocacy organization (National Partnership for Women & Families) and as Prevention and Social Change Initiatives Coordinator with a statewide domestic violence coalition (FCADV), her professional goals align with her personal passion – eradicating interpersonal violence and discrimination against women with a focus on girls and women who exist at the intersection of multiple forms of oppression. Kehinde has previously served as Director at YWCA McLean County where she was responsible for the fiscal and programmatic oversight of the Stepping Stones sexual assault program. Prior to joining YWCA McLean County, Kehinde served as Regional Campaign Coordinator for People Over Politics (American Civil Liberties Union), for the North Florida region, where she helped secure the passage of two state Constitutional redistricting amendments.


Born and raised in Chicago, IL, the former teenage mother is a first-generation graduate of Illinois State University with a B.A. in Philosophy and Women and Gender Studies. She completed her graduate coursework in their department of politics and government.


Inspired by the works of critical race and feminist legal theorists before her, Kehinde seeks to encourage dialogue about issues faced by those who sit at the intersection of Black and woman. Kehinde serves as a speaker, facilitator, and panelist on race and gender equity and inclusion. She presents workshops and lectures on diversity and inclusion, intersectionality, sexual assault prevention and crisis intervention, reproductive justice, privilege and oppression, Hip-Hop political theory, media bias, and the socially constructed identities of Black women.


In addition to contributing to variety of online sources, Kehinde is the author of, “From Tre Styles to Trayvon Martin: The Implications of Socially Constructed Identities on the George Zimmerman Verdict,” (Re)Teaching Trayvon Martin: Education for Racial Justice and Human Freedom Edited by Venus E. Evans-Winters and Magaela C. Bethune.


She is also the author of the forthcoming work, Flashbacks.