I’m Here for all the Hot Girl Summers. The Megan Thee, Hennessy and Plan B Summers.

I’m Here for all the Hot Girl Summers. The Megan Thee, Hennessy and Plan B Summers.

Word on the street is that (cishet) men want in on #HotGirlSummer. And even though the term is gender neutral, they don’t want to participate the way you might think. Instead, they’ve made it clear that they really shoulda just sat there and ate they food. Men like Pharrell Williams. Like dude in this clip:


Yeah, it’s all just “jokes.” But in real life we got a whole grown ass man (and his interweb friends) concerning himself with things outside himself and outside the dependents on his 1040 form. Who they hurting with they turn up and morning after prep? Some folks see “ratchet” and all I see are people making reproductive health decisions for themsleves. Sometimes a Hennessy filled night leads to a Plan B morning. Well Hennessy ain’t my drank of choice (I’m a Grand Marnier neat kind of girl) but we know that all the brown liquors will get you nice. And if you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready (know your sexual and reproductive health options sis. And remember that although Plan B is a contraceptive, it is not a prophylactic so while it can prevent pregnancy, it does not protect against STIs/STDs).

See, true to the patriarchy, the men (and the pick me delegation) say we shouldn’t even get to have a hot girl summer. They got fifty ‘leven IG and Facebook posts about how it ain’t classy and how “ladies” don’t behave that way yadda yadda *insert eye roll* womp womp womp. And if we do get a hot girl summer, they wanna determine who gets to participate and how it goes down. Guess what those chosen girls look like? Like all the other socially constructed standards of beauty cis men be out here trying to reinforce. Light skinned. Slim or thick (hourglass shape required). Even the notion of a hood chick has been cut and carved up to fit into some sliver of respectability politics. She can be hood but only so long as it appeals to the male gaze. Y’all really out here trying to create model hood chicks? Ya’ll really out here policing hot girls? Y’all really out here trying to make distinctions between who gets to have a hot girl summer? Fuckyoumean? How y’all gon apply y’all standards to our hot girl summer? Everybody get to participate. That’s the point. Ratchet girls. Fat girls. Stripper girls. Loud girls. Bougie but cuss girls. SNAP benefit girls. Practice making it clap at home in the mirror girls. Church girls. Depressed girls. Brown liquor girls. Dissertating girls. Unemployed girls. Brown Skin Girl on repeat Girls. Trina track queued up next girls. Pull over that ass too fat girls. No booty twerk your back girls.

TLDR: Mind ya business. And mind your own summer activities. As for me, I’m here for every #HotGirlSummer experience. Even, and especially, when it’s a Hennessy and Plan B hot girl summer.

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  • Tekeral A Thurman
    Posted at 17:39h, 01 August