On Split Ends and Toxic Relationships, Because the Solution is the Same

On Split Ends and Toxic Relationships, Because the Solution is the Same

It’s hard to let it go because you’re attached to it but maybe you’re just comfortable with it because you’re scared to try something new. And maybe you keep it because it let you hide a few things you don’t like about yourself. So you hang on it. You try to manipulate it into being what you want. Pulling, tugging, permanently altering things about yourself to make it fit.

Plus your momma ‘nem always been hella invested in you maintaining it. Sometimes you wonder if it belongs to you or them. They want you to keep it. Even if that takes more energy, time and money than you want, or have, to give. ‘Cause it look pretty. And ‘cause the world done told them women ain’t pretty without it.

Truth be told, you never wanted what the other girls want anyway. But your momma ‘nem said even the Bible say that’s what women are supposed to have.

And maybe it looks really good despite being completely unhealthy. Folks hashtag your IG pics like, #goals. Every time you think about cutting it off, someone compliments you and you think maybe it’s not that bad after all. You like compliments.

But it’s heavy. It’s been weighing on you. Got your head hurting half the time.

And the thought of letting it go is painful. Because what will you do without it?

When you finally cut if off, you realize that keeping something unhealthy for the sake of length or appearance or avoidance or subpar comfort just wasn’t even worth it.

Because in the end you know it doesn’t make sense to keep using good products on dead ends.

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